Ongoing Research Support

NIH/NIGMS 1R35GM140862-01
The role of lncRNAs in P450-mediated drug metabolism and drug-induced liver injury
PI: Xiao-bo Zhong

UConn Research Excellence Program (REP) Award
Improvement of therapeutic efficacy of siRNA drugs by altering ADME
PI: Xiao-bo Zhong

UConn Genomic and Mechanistic Metabolism Group (GMMG) Seed Grant
Antisense oligonucleotide interdisciplinary pharmacology and toxicology
PIs: Theodore Rasmussen, Xiao-bo Zhong, and Jose Manautou

Completed Research Support

NIH/NIGMS 1R01GM118367
Short- or long-term impacts of drug exposure at early life on drug metabolism, therapeutic efficacy, and drug induced toxicity
PI: Xiao-bo Zhong

Affinity Research Collaboratives (ARC)
Institute for Systems Genomics, University Connecticut Health Center
Chromatin interactions, epigenomics, transcriptional response to drug induction
PIs: Xiao-bo Zhong, Yijun Ruan, Guoliang Li, and Xiuling Lu

NIH/NIEHS 1R01ES019487
Developmental regulation of drug processing genes
MPIs: Curtis D. Klaassen, Xiao-bo Zhong, Hong Lu, and Julia Y. Cui

NIH/NIAMS 1R01AR059088
Transcription factor NFAT1 deficiency and osteoarthritis
PI: Jinxi Wang
Role of Xiao-bo Zhong: co-investigator

NIH/NIGM 1R01GM087376
Control of developmental switch of Cyp3a gene expression in mouse liver
PI: Xiao-bo Zhong

NIH/NCRR 2P20RR021940
Nuclear receptors in liver health and disease
PI : Hartmut Jaeschke
Role of Xiao-bo Zhong : Director for Next Generation Sequencing Core

NIH/NIEHS 5T32ES007079
Training program in environmental toxicology
PI: Bruno Hagenbuch
Role of Xiao-bo Zhong: mentor

NIH/NIDDK 1R56DK090036
FXR, nuclear receptors, and transcriptional regulation of liver homeostasis
PI : Grace L. Guo
Role of Xiao-bo Zhong : co-investigator

NIH/NIHLB 5R01HL080042
Novel role of pre-B-cell colony enhancing factor in acute lung injury (ALI)
PI: Shui qing Ye
Role of Xiao-bo Zhong: consultant

NIH/Centers of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE) 1P20RR021940-01
Nuclear receptors in liver health and disease
PI: Curtis Klaassen
Project 5: Identification and functional characterization of genetic variations in PXR, CAR, and RXRa genes
PI: Xiao-bo Zhong

PhRMA Foundation Research Starter Grant
Pharmacogenomics of P450 oxidoreductase
PI: Xiao-bo Zhong